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Moss free roof coating

Having an excessive amount of dirt, algae, moss, lichens or fungi on your roof can be a very frustrating issue. Apart from giving your roof an unattractive appearance, you know fully well that these unwanted visitors are going to cost you time, money and a significant amount of energy to get rid of. In this situation, many people may contemplate the possibility of coating their roofs, as a method of eliminating the moss that has grown however, coating your roof has lots of disadvantages.

Firstly, in order to have your roof coated, it is required that your roof is thoroughly cleaned with special equipment that utilises water under high pressure, and then it has to be impregnated with an anti-fungal protection. Once this layer of protection is in place, the top coating (again- under pressure) has to be applied. This process can be significantly damaging for the roof and some specialists claim that it is not very effective.

Something else that is worth taking into consideration is that the process of cleaning the roof tiles under pressure can often damage the surface and result in flooded attics. Impregnating the roof with anti-fungal protection does not guarantee the long-term removal of moss and algae and it is possible that somewhere down the line, all the money you spent on getting a coating will go to waste, as the old moss and algae will simply be replaced with new ones.

moss roof coatingUltimately, what this means is that the whole process of coating has to be repeated, adding to the ever expanding costs of looking after your roof.

So what should you do instead? Why not try our new and effective system called MOOSfree®? It has been specially engineered to completely eliminate the presence of algae, fungi, moss and lichens on your roof, and it is estimated to provide effective protection to last for at least 50 years. Mounting MOOSfree® tapes is easy and has no damaging effect on your roof whatsoever, which means that you no longer have to worry about replacing/fixing your roof any time soon.

Choosing MOOSfree® means:

  • - No damage to your roof
  • - No flood risk to your attic
  • - Spending less money
  • - Absolutely no need to worry about your roof for at least 50 years



So what are you waiting for? Eliminate your roof related worries today with a solution that is not only fast working, but also it is aimed to be very easy to apply!

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