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moss roof tape

Moss roof cleaning

Over time, regardless of the type of roof you may have, it will lose its original functionality due to the weather conditions and gradual eroding that is only natural when something is exposed to moisture/wind etc. Roofs of all kinds are prone to both getting dirty and being a home to all kinds of moss, algae and fungi that create a layer over the surface of your roof. Not only does this make you roof look ugly, it also leads to all sorts of damage, which can be costly to fix and replace.

When tour roof is damaged and dirty, we face the following options:

  • 1. We can leave the roof as it is.
  • 2. We can completely change the roof.
  • 3. We can clean and coat the roof with various products.
  • 4. We can apply MOOSfree® tape.




The first three options will either lead to further damage or bring a temporary/costly solution to the problem, which will leave you unhappy and significantly out of pocket.

The fourth option is neither damaging nor expensive and provides high quality protection for an extensive amount of time. Using 0.1mm and 0.05mm thick copper strands, that have been woven into a multi-layer, knitted textile, we have created a tape, which, once attached to your roof, will keep it clean for decades. In addition, the cleaning effect is nearly doubled, due to the inclusion of a water-storing fleece inside the tape. The continually produced copper ions are buffered in this fleece. They cannot be washed out immediately with the next rainfall, but instead, they are dispersed across the surface of the roof over time. This alone enables each MOOSfree® tape to have an optimal effect on dirt, moss, lichens and algae.

 moss free cleaningMOOSfree® range includes:

  • MOOSfree®115 - 10cm-wide tape with a water-retaining fleece inserted between two layers of knitted copper fabric. It works on roofs with rafter length up to 10m. This is the most popular tape in our range, and it is suitable for most houses.
  • MOOSfree®170 – This tape has a 65% greater active area than MOOSfree®115 and works on roofs with rafter length up to 15m.
  • MOOSfree®30 - This is a single-layered tape without the water-retaining fleece. It complements MOOSfree®115 or MOOSfree®170 and is used on the roof ridge.
  • Copper saddle clamp - These clamps are needed if the building already has adequate lightning protection system in place.


The advantages of MOOSfree® are:

  • Considerably easier installation than other similar products
  • An overall lower cost than other solutions available
  • An estimated effectiveness for at least 50 years
  • An eco-friendly solution, which is completely natural
  • Different tapes suitable for various roof sizes