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moss roof removal example

Moss Roof removal

Do you have dirt, moss, lichen, algae or fungi on your roof? Have you tried several different cleaning and moss removal products, only to find that thae problem returns just a few months later? Not anymore! Our specially engineered MOOSfree® tape has been intricately designed to provide a long-lasting solution for your roof. MOOSfree® is already a considerably popular product in countries such as Germany, Switzerland or Denmark. Not only is MOOSfree® a highly effective solution to all sorts of roof issues, but it is also more than affordable for the value that the product provides.

At the core of the self-adhesive, high-tech tape is a multiple woven layer of copper strands with an enormous operative surface area, as well as a water-retaining textile fleece. This is designed in a way, that upon contact with any kind of moisture, copper ions are produced, which actively prevents the growth of moss, lichen, algae and fungi. This process is not only completely natural, ecological and highly effective, but it is also fully capable of providing adequate protection for your whole roof during every downpour for at least 50 years.

MOOSfree® progressively cleans roofs that are already affected by moss and it protects new roofs from dirt and moss. There is no need to worry about reading extensive instructions on how to mount the tape, as the process is easy and requires little time and effort to get fully setup. We understand that cleaning your roof is not something that you particularly want to spend a lot of time doing, and preferably, you would like to feasibly clean it once and never have to worry about it again. It is for this reason, that we have designed our tape, so that once applied to your roof, it will continue to work every day whilst offering high quality protection and you will never have to worry about it again!

MOOSfree® is designed to be the most cost effective way to keep your roof in the best condition, so why not see our range of tapes available to save yourself time, effort and money and provide the optimum protection for your roof!

 removing moss from roof

MOOSfree® is designed to be the most cost effective way to keep your roof in the best condition!