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Many people have already heard that copper is an effective material, which helps eliminating various roof issues such as dirt, moss, lichens and algae. With this knowledge in mind, we have created our line of MOOSfree® tapes in order to provide a sufficient solution for cleaning and maintaining old and new roofs without all of the unnecessary hassle.

Utilising 0.1mm and 0.05mm thick copper strands, that have been woven into a multi-layer, knitted textile, we have created a tape, which, once attached to your roof, will keep it clean for decades. In addition, the cleaning effect is nearly doubled, due to the inclusion of a water-storing fleece. The continually produced copper ions are buffered in this fleece. They cannot be washed out immediately with the next rainfall, but instead, they are dispersed across the surface of the roof over time. This alone enables each tape to have an optimal effect on dirt, moss, lichens and algae. 

We have created three types of tapes to enable you to care for your roof, no matter what size and shape it is. 

Our first tape consists of 8,900 copper strands per meter of tape. These strands have the same active area as a 170cm wide copper sheet, even though this particular tape is only 10cm wide. It is designed for roofs with a rafter length of up to 10m. 

For larger roofs, MOOSfree®170 is available. Its active area is around 65% greater than MOOSfree®115 and it is designed for roofs with a rafter length up to 15m. This tape is also suitable for larger buildings such as schools, nurseries, churches, etc. 

Our third tape, MOOSfree®30 is a single-layered tape, without the incorporated fleece. It is used as an addition to both MOOSfree®115 and MOOSfree®170 and it is generally mounted on the roof ridge. A roof surface of up to 1 m on either side of the ridge is kept free of moss. This means, that you can mount the standard MOOSfree®115 or MOOSfree®170 tape on the second or third row of roof tiles rather than on the first row below the roof ridge.

All the above products are attached to the roof using the butyl adhesive tape incorporated into the bottom copper layer of our tapes. In addition, each roll of tape comes with two strips of Copper Completion Tape. It is a 40mm wide foil, coated on one side with copper and with butyl adhesive tape on the other side. It should be used to cover the ends and joints of MOOSfree® tapes. This tape is also suited for repairing gutters and down pipes made of copper, stainless steel, anodised aluminium or plastic. Gutters made of zinc or titanium zinc should be coated first, otherwise they could be destroyed through the pitting corrosion.

Another addition to our range is a Saddle Copper Clamp which should be used when MOOSfree® tape is connected to the lightning protection system.